Talking about mineral spirits, they make household routines like degreasing metal parts, cleaning paintbrushes and thinning oil-based relatively straightforward. But things get tricky when it comes to eliminating used spirits. The liquid, commonly known as white spirits, is a dangerous waste and therefore need disposal at the collection center which is especially designed for this purpose.

Point to be noted here is that processors have an ability to recycle this byproduct of petroleum and use it for the production of asphalt, thereby minimizing the demand for virgin oil. When you dispose of mineral spirits in the right manner, you will find that it also minimizes air and water pollution.

Finding a recycler

To dispose of mineral spirits, one of the most important things that you need to do is to find the hazardous-waste recycler near your locality. If you are not able to find a recycler in your area because it is only available for a limited time frame, your city may sponsor special pickups all around the year with regard to hazardous waste. It is advisable that you label the container with “mineral spirits” so that recycler is aware of the fact what is there inside and there is going to be no issues in the disposal.


It is always a good option to put your used mineral spirits in a stable box or even better a plastic bag so that you can transport it to the collection site so you end up disposing your used mineral spirits in a proper manner. Make sure that you place the container in the back portion of a truck and label it with a permanent marker so the people at the recycling station know what’s inside.

Drop the container at the local collection site. If your locality has curbside pickup facility, you can place the spirits bottle inside a noncombustible container sealed in a proper way, ten to fifteen minutes before the time of pickup. When you follow this procedure, you will find that you do not need to worry about the burning of liquid. What’s more, in case of a spark, liquid is not going to explode.


You need to keep in mind that mineral spirits burn at 473 degrees Fahrenheit, but that does not mean you ignore the flash point, which is in the range of 104 degrees. Flash point can be termed as the temperature in which there is a possibility of fumes getting ignited. Please do not burn off your remnant mineral spirits, it’s both dangerous and illegal!

Reusing mineral spirits

If you are interested in reusing mineral spirits that you have used in the brush cleaning then you need to ensure that the paint solids is settled. Once this is the case, you can pour off the liquid into the container of your choice. Make sure that the container has a tight cover. If your objective is to collect future used spirits, it is of utmost importance that you employ the jar with the sediment. Kept on doing this until you have reached the target of going to a recycling center. Though, there is no toxicity attached with the mineral spirits, one thing is for sure they are still dangerous because of flammability and the presence of xylene and benzene.

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